"Spirit Awakening has reached hundreds of people across the country and has a huge diverse following of young and old alike. It touches the heart and shows that only within will someone find all that they are seeking – a sense of place in the totality of life and a heightened sense of their own unique expression." —EURWeb

“Exceptionally accomplished… lifts the solo dramatic genre to heights rarely reached.” —The Los Angeles Times

“Beautiful. Moving. A breathtaking physical transformation flawlessly fulfills the piece’s title.” —Los Angeles Weekly (pick of the week)

“The mythic story bleeds power and emotion unimpeded by dogma… the lessons she imparts are for everyone, and they resonate like the breaking of chains.” —Los Angeles Reader

"Through her autobiographical performances, Akuyoe Graham tries to make youths realize that 'what's in you is the key, the secret.'" —The Los Angeles Times

"I feel such gratitude that organizations such as Spirit Awakening exist to help young adults heal." —The Huffington Post

"In this powerful interview... [Akuyoe] describes how, one child at a time, she teaches these children creative writing, meditation and using the spoken word to help build character and ultimately self-esteem." —GaiamTV

"Seeing the tremendous need for incarcerated youth to heal, actress, author and activist Akuyoe Graham started the Spirit Awakening Foundation in 1995 to help children through meditation, creative writing and drama." —Uprising Radio

“Excellent character work… a radiant stage presence… graceful… a beautiful black butterfly emerging from a cocoon.” —Denver Daily Camera

“Spirit Awakening offers its insights seamlessly… each step provokes new levels of personal assessment, raising complex questions of split loyalties and the difficulties of rediscovering one’s roots.” —Dallas Morning News

“When one feels, sees and participates in something that is authentic, excellent and creative, one’s life is changed. 'Spirit Awakening,' Akuyoe’s vehicle for her story, changes lives. It is the finest use of this art form." —Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder, Agape International Spiritual Center