Akuyoe Graham is an award-winning playwright, actor and educator who has also dedicated her life to helping youth in the juvenile justice system realize their spiritual identity. 




Akuyoe has appeared in a wide variety of productions, both on stage and on screen. Her credits include roles in Ben and Ara, Switchboard, and “General Hospital,” and she continues to perform the starring role in her one-woman show, Spirit Awakening.

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As a mentor, Akuyoe is passionate about guiding others towards realization of their spiritual identities. Watch Akuyoe speak about her own journey of self-discovery, and how it inspired her to help others, in her TEDxCibeles talk.

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Spirit Awakening

The story of Akuyoe's critically acclaimed one-woman show "Spirit Awakening" takes its audience on a journey of betrayal and forgiveness from Ghana to London, to New York and back to the soul.

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