In addition to authoring her own books, Akuyoe has edited numerous compilations featuring the writing of incarcerated youth. See a selection of her work, which is currently taught at Stanford, Berkeley and USC, below.


The Little Book of Transformation: 7 Days to a Brand New You

This is a definitive work of inspiration for busy people on the spiritual path; a sweet and simple road map for the care, feeding and evolution of our souls. The Little Book of Transformation is a manifesto on how to live a more authentic, creative and purposeful life. 

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Spirit Awakening: A One-Woman Play

Spirit Awakening is the source text for Akuyoe's critically acclaimed one-woman show, which details her physical and emotional voyage from Ghana to Britain to New York. Akuyoe’s personal encounter with her transcendent inner beauty was the culmination of a long journey, and in Spirit Awakening she animates the pivotal characters who influenced her along the way. Akuyoe takes audiences on her odyssey of Self-discovery – from tribal princess in her native Ghana, to British schoolgirl, to socialite-wannabe in New York, and finally back to her original African heritage and deeper spiritual Self.



Praise for The Little Book of Transformation:

“Your authentic voice will be unmasked with this book! Do it.”
–Mark Victor Hansen
Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“In The Little Book of Transformation, Akuyoe Graham is offering people a powerful gift to themselves: the ability to take a personal journey like no other to unleash your inner self and reach your highest heights- in a safe, honest and practical way.”
–Rich Battista
CEO, Gemstar-TV Guide International

“Akuyoe is the rain that makes the flowers grow”
–Doug R., Amazon





Becoming American

In a deeply touching narrative of remembrance and reflection, Akuyoe explores how her true identity was shaped during her journey from Ghana, to Great Britain, to New York – and back again. This anthology of personal essays is taught to students at a number of universities, including UC Berkeley, Stanford and USC.

Multicultural Theatre: Scenes and Monologs From New Hispanic, Asian, and African-American Plays

Akuyoe's play Spirit Awakening is featured in Multicultural Theatre, a collection of contemporary works from leading figures in American theater. "No other book offers as wide a view in as manageable a space," writes editor Roger Ellis of the anthology.